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Greetings and welcome to The Lightning Path (or just LP for short). The Lightning Path is a powerful, effective, grounded, logical, intuitive, modern, and authentic spiritual school. The Lightning offers interested individual a fast, safe, effective, and grounded path towards authentic spiritual connection and grounded and safe mystical experience .

The Lightning Path is organized into three basic levels of attainment, or “grades” if you like. These grades are the Core, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of study. There is also a Mentor and P0st-secondary level of study for those interested in taking their spirituality to the next level. More advanced levels of study are further broken down into different modules. For example, the LP Intermediate level is organized into a Module A, a Module B, and so on.

From this point of access you can:

If you want more, there are two ways to approach the Lightning Path, as a formal student, or as a self-study student. Self study student purchase study packages and study on their own. Formal students pay a monthly fee that gives them access to all materials at all levels of study (Core, Intermediate, Advanced), all student forums (public and student only), all supplementary materials, and weekly Elive student sessions with Michael Sharp (online classes). Formal students also receive LP Certification as Initiates, Lightworkers, Masters, Mentors, or Avatars depending on how far they wish to take their studies.

Getting Started

To get started as a self study student, purchase the Lightning Path Core Study Package in either print or electronic. The Core package contains the five Lightning Path Core books and provides you with the conceptual and practical groundwork for intermediate and advanced spiritual study. You can purchase an electronic version for only $9.99, or a print version for $29.99. That’s over 50% of the retail price of each individual book.  

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To get started as a formal student, pay a yearly subscription fee. The yearly subscription fee gets you full access to all LP materials (dozens of books, forums, dialogues, articles, and lessons). In addition, registered students may take the LP exams and become certified as LP Lightworkers, Masters, Mentors, and Avatars. The yearly student fee is currently only $149.00, but will increase to $189.00 per year beginning mid 2014. You can also pay monthly if you wish (see additional options), and there are low income options available.

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