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I took several interesting classes from some Yale professor, on Herman Hesse, Jung, and J.R.R. Tolkien, and how their ideas relate to early Christian Gnosticism. I REALLY enjoyed the classes that I took… My dad said it was like GRAD school type stuff, and I learned a lot, but on all points of theology I was constantly explaining simple (Lightning Path) concepts to the teachers, etc. and it was kind of embarrassing because their thinking was confused and not really too sophisticated at all by LP terms.” — Benjamin Pritchard

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Greetings and welcome to The Lightning Path (or just LP for short). The Lightning Path is a powerful, effective, grounded, logical, intuitive, modern, and authentic path of spirituality. The Lightning Path is designed and intended to provide a path towards personal rediscovery of deep spiritual truths, unencumbered by oppressive social structures, greed, corruption, profiteering, and bodily ego. More to the point, the Lightning Path is designed to get you connected with Consciousness, to put you in touch with the inner core of your divinity, and to get you experiencing the high spiritual truths of creation for yourself. The goal of the Lighting Path is nothing more or less than your spiritual connection and emancipation. But. don’t take our word for it. To find out about the impact of the Lightning Path on the spirituality of the individuals who practice it, read student/reader feedback. To get started on your spiritual journey back home, visit the Lightning Path program page, click module one, and read the  five lessons from the Introduction to Spirituality course. If you like what you read, browse The Path and move forward as you like.

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