Crop circle indicating proper alignment of chakras

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    Dr. S.

    Check this out. What do you think the message/instruction in this awesome crop circle is?

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    Hi all, here’s what jumps out at me:

    ‘As above in consciousness, so below in matter’ message jumping up and down waving ‘hello’ excitedly;  then looking further:

    7 circles stacked vertically > main chakra system

    multi-contrasted and interconnected shading throughout the stacked vertical circles>  the need for balance of  yin and yang on all levels of existence in all chakras

    enlarged center circle > heart chakra > express/ emote /transmute energies

    7 curved lines through the center > interconnection and merging with physical and non-physical levels of existence > auric layers

    5 graduated circles top and bottom connecting with the lines > energetic components that function in the physical and non physical realities of the physical unit

    A person becomes  activated, empowered, empowering and effective in shaping and transforming physical reality when alignment to higher consciousness is attained and maintained through right thought, right action, right environment.


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    Dr. S.

    Good answer Rheah. I think you’re bang on. Anybody else have a different perspective.

    I see a visual representation of a balanced and activate energy system. Top chakras aligned and in balance, bottom chakras aligned and in balance, all aligned and balanced around the all important heart chakra. The system is active, functioning, and powerful, spinning and impacting reality at multiple levels of manifestation.

    This is a remarkable image to find in a crop circle, don’t you agree?

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    Yes, this is really, really exciting.

    Oddly enough I never really followed crop circles, though have been aware of its existence.  I usually file this and other interesting things when I’m unable to wrap my head around it   under,  ‘put it on the (mental) bookshelf until later’ —  this helps keep an open mind to future understanding and possibilities.

    Of course there wasn’t a way for me to understand what it meant to begin with due to the low CQ.   It does take a degree of consciousness to understand the messages.



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