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    Dr. S.

    Here is an excerpt from the Dossier rewrite that’s I’m now underway with. What are your thoughts/feelings after you have read this

    My purpose is twofold. My first purpose for being here is to help bring the good news. The good news that I bring is simple: your work (our work) on this planet is complete. The long dark night of your soul (our soul) is over. We, and by “we” I mean everybody, have completed our ascension preparations and now everything is perfectly arranged in order that we may safely orchestrate what is the single biggest creative event ever initiated in the entire history of creation. Put another way, our work is done and now we may return home to full connection, full activation, and full realization of our powerful and glorious divinity. I know these are just words to most people now, but realization of their significance will grow over the next decade or two.

    Our work is done and we can all finally return home!

    This is the good news. When you think about it, this is really good news because it will mean some significant and positive changes are about to occur in the very near future that will bring this world more in line with higher standards of humanity, enlightenment, prosperity, and technology. The fact that we have completed our preparations and can now “return” means we no longer have to live in old energy duality.[1] We have done the work, we have the energy, now we can finally move forward, complete our sacred mission, and get past all the spiritual/ideological/philosophical BS. In the medium term this will mean an end to poverty, hatred, war, disease, famine, confusion, disorientating, and all the other painful silliness that has been an inevitable, and not wholly necessary, condition of our ascension work. Be patient though. The utopian unfolding will not happen overnight. It will take time. Your own activation can take between six months and two years, maybe even longer. It will take longer to get the entire world up to the point where they will consider initiating the process.[2] Still, it is happening, and it is accelerating, in an exponential fashion. Already we are seeing the second wave of humans begin to rub the sleep from their crusty eyes. Already the energies flowing into this earth are “raising the vibration” higher and higher. Already we are seeing major political and social shifting, major economic shifts, and major global changes. And of course, already we are seeing fierce resistance. The powers that be (PTB) know they are losing the battle. The PTB are now literally playing their “trump” cards in order to beat the awakening masses back and hang onto the duality they have exploited to achieve global power and privilege. It is frightening to see, especially given what happened last time we were at this point to WWIII, but that is not going to happen this time. They no longer have the power to shut it all down. They no longer have the power to control the masses. In fact, they barely have the power to maintain their own life force right now. So, be patient and do not be discouraged. If you look you will see, the transformation has begun. Soon, even the sleepiest of sleepy heads will not be able to Reality and the significance of the changes unfolding around them. Until then, have faith and keep moving forward. The faster each of you get along with your own realization/ascension process, the faster we will all get to where we are going.

    [1] As explained in more detail in the Book of Life, old energy duality is the good versus evil, black versus white, us versus them dynamic that drives this planet’s energetic cauldron, and that causes all the trauma and strife on this planet.

    [2] How long it will take is hard to say. It could happen tomorrow; it could take thirty years; it could take a hundred more. Personally I don’t think it will. Personally, I think we are looking at three decades tops. But, it is hard to say because it depends on a thousand different factors.

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    My thoughts are that I am seeing and feeling it. Both sides, I see horrible resistance from friends and relatives, but I am also encountering more and more awareness in people. The awareness has surprised me more than the resistance actually, especially when I speak my mind one to one.

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    For me it feels soothing when you write that our ascension work is complete. It takes some (possibly self imposed) load off the shoulders and gives energy. The same goes for the succumbing of the PTB. I feel it’s good that you write that. Concerning resistance/awakening and the second wave: Yes, the changes are totally there, especially in the last 6 months many of my childhood friends started to make (partially HUGE) leaps towards awakening and activation, (most of the time without them even noticing or aknowledging that fact..) Generally most people i meet (visit) nowadays are waking up. I also have the feeling that resistance is getting less and less, i only noticed extreemly fierce resistance at parents of friends who awakened and find/found their purpose and/or mission. But i guess that’s understandable.
    I observe many people start to fight addicitons, take more care of their diet, take more care of their psychological issues, take more time off working, tend to release fears, open up to new thinking, stop bad relationships, and most are in search for something.
    I feel that activation may take longer than 0.5- 2 years. Depends, of course on the person and on the circumstances. Anyhow, even awakening (so only the process of intellectually deprogramming BS and reprogramming the good stuff ) will take about the mentioned period. Hence, i feel that activation might take even longer. The good part is, that awakening and activation have degrees, so that one will make constant progress which is nice to experience and will motivate towards further progress. All in all, there seems to be a polarization between the old and the new world views. (Since i pick my peers carefully if possible, it’s hard to say that this polarization is taking place everywhere.. it’s just a hunch of mine.)


    Also in the text i assume you meant WWII, right?


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