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    Dr. S.

    The final draft of the second wave edition of the Book of Life is ready now.

    as always, always need help with editing so if you see spelling/grammar errors, please report to Or just post them here

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    Pg 14. complet,e

    Pg. 16. will be unite

    Hi Michael, I found a couple typos  in the intro.

    I like how you laid out the 3 choices in the intro, it aligns with what I feel. The choice to come home, to choose truth,to choose love etc. I am  glad you added that explanation!

    My prayer for the cosmos:
    May all beings be happy and free
    ~Gina Marie

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    Dr. S.

    thanks! for the kind words, and the grammatical corrections. Quicker I can get these ironed out, quicker I can get this out and move on. Currently working hard on a much needed rewrite of Dossier. Hopefully finished part one in two weeks. Final draft of the revision by end of March.

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    Thanks for the preview. As always, nice timing : )


    I found a few corrections as I was reading through the Time section:


    Pg 52 the sentence “From outside the tube… ” ends with a period, should be a comma? Or incomplete sentence

    Pg 56 “that is, you are reading them at a different location that I wrote them” should be than I wrote them

    Pg 57 under The Eternal Now section:
    “This is a perfectly correct.” missing a word?





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    I found a few more:


    Pg. 60 ” Every daily cycle… we can ascended universe.” ascend the

    Pg. 61 “Stepping back a moment…  be able to understand we I mean…” what I mean

    Pg. 67 “…you are usually better of going with the flow…”  better off

    Pg. 69 “It depends”. ascension will only occur when the conditions in the tube…”
    Ascension should be capitalized


    Pg. 71 “…things would move forward faster As it stands, …” Period after faster


    Pg. 72 “… could begin occurring in as little as five years from the.” check sentence ending


    Pg. 73 “The bad news is… there is still lot work to do.” a lot of work to do


    Pg. 73 “Individual’s in normal consciousness… ” Individuals


    Pg. 78 “How long the moment of spiritual time last, …” lasts


    Pg. 82 “…let us now take dive in…”
    take a dive in Or let us now dive in


    Thanks. I enjoyed the Prophets and Prophecy section!



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    Couple more:


    Pg 55 bottom of page “Everything happening in the water in tub in front of you…”   the tub


    Pg 64 “It is bad enough I am telling that the future can impact the past…”   telling you



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    Dr. S.

    this is so awesome. thanks so much. it really helps me a lot.

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    Ok. Here are some more:


    Pg 24 footnote ” … take a desire creative outcome…” desired


    Pg 27 footnote “Now that you understand the basic relationship between the energy, Source, and of creation…”  check wording

    further down in footnote “Closer to source its easier…” it’s
    Pg 27 “The universe is manifest and created through a process…”
    should be manifested ?


    Pg 29 ….four stages of creation operates at a different “quantum level.   missing ”


    Pg 31 ” …even the slugs and snails ( in other words, everything that exists are around) … ”  should be all around ?


    Pg 32 near bottom of page “…cellular structures to remain stable, they must nurtured…” must be nurtured


    Pg 33 “Therefore, we walk a razors edge…” razor’s edge


    Pg 34 “This is not knew news by any means.” new news ?


    Pg 35 “As the vibration of this planet rises… any conscious or unconscious intent may have, …”    you may have


    Pg. 36 first sentence missing period at the end.


    Pg. 36 “In the long term in can even kill us.” it can


    Pg. 40 beginning of page “We may represent this important mystical truth… like so.”  should end with :


    Pg. 40 “…you use force of your hands to push and prod…”  the force


    Pg. 40 “In the Yin/Yan system, …”   Yin/Yang


    Pg. 40 check spacing after the italicized word “emanating”


    Pg 41 “It is important to know that under…” Check the u in the word under, it is not italicized





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    A few more:


    Pg 41 Yin/ Shakti Introducing the term Shakti here is confusing, I think you would need to add some yoga philosophy in the text if you use that term?

    Pg 48 “transcending”68” extra quotation mark
    Pg 58. Red letter text needs review. I think the last sentence should be black

    Pg 58. sit one ->on

    Pg 61 understand we I mean when I say

    Pg 68. Wherever You stick its monadic finger,

    Pg 70 onc such technology

    Pg 72 five years from the.

    Pg 75 best guest

    My prayer for the cosmos:
    May all beings be happy and free
    ~Gina Marie

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    Dr. S.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. The only way to catch all the errors is for multiple people to work on it. I find there are errors I see that others don’t, and I find there are errors that others see that I don’t. thanks

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    A few more from the beginning of the book I spotted. Apologies if some are duplicates.


    Pg 14 “…this for two reasons.” this is

    Pg 14 “The first reason that it is a big because as it progresses, …” check sentence, missing words The first reason it is a big deal is because as it progresses…

    Pg 15 footnote “You will explore… as you wend our way…” wend your way

    Pg 18 “As you will remember as you read book…” read this book

    Pg 19 “… so you continue with your privilege…” you can continue

    Pg 19 footnote “… it historical roots” its

    Pg 20 check sentence “Not only that, but I (and many others) are here to help.” take out “but” ? rewording needed? grammar seems wrong

    Pg 45. “1. Take a few deep breathes.”

    Pg. 45 “Before we get to all that… in next chapter …” in the next chapter
    Pg 45 footnote missing second parenthesis
    Pg 55 footnote missing parenthesis i.e. you)

    Pg 58 footnote 84 extra dash at the end of sentence

    Pg. 58 footnote 85 “… when they have a mystical experience experience/ realize spiritual time…”  check sentence, missing a comma/words?

    Pg 78 footnote “…the brains Default Mode Network…” brain’s




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    and some more:

    Pg 12     companion to this this book       double word.


    Pg  14    The first reason that it is a big______    should have ”thing” or “deal” after big or remove word (a )


    Pg 32  Down here, creation is also limited also by its sensitivity   too many  also

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    Dr. S.

    awesome awesome awesome. It is hard to believe there are so many errors in this.


    I’ve uploaded a cleaner version based on all these edits. if anybody else is going to look at it, please start with the cleaner version


    thanks again. I very much appreciate all your help

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