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    benjamin pritchard

    Is anybody doing any expirimentation with microdosing any of the available connection suppliments available?

    My initial interest in crown opening drugs obviously came from my own experiences using them over the years.  Their ability to induce authentic mystical experiences is really amazing and hard to be denied.

    But I am getting interested now in the idea of how to utilize them in a different capacity, namely micro-dosing.

    A true micro dose is a sub perceptual dose, which means the supplement exerts an influence on the crown chakra and/or does other energetic or neurological things, but at a dose that is small enough that you don’t really even notice it exactly.

    However, it does all the same exert an influence, and you can use it along with your own intentions and other means to jump start your work at reconnecting with consciousness.

    Does anybody have any thoughts or experience about this?

    I did this last year with THC, but had trouble keeping the dose low enough. i eventually always escalated it, and wasn’t truly microdosing it.

    This time, i am doing instead with psilocibin, via magic mushrooms.

    I took a large ‘attack dose’ of around 5 grams to get started, and felt like i had about 5 years of therapy in one day. it was intense, mostly a ‘head trip’, but seemed to reboot me.

    then from there, for the past weeks, i have been taking a very small sub perceptual dose every 3rd day. (that is the dosing protocol i heard about)

    i am interested in hearing about other people’s ideas re: this

    Benjamin Pritchard / www.kundalinisoftware.com

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    Hey Ben

    I’ve been using THC for years but like you said..I escalate it also. Which of course makes me feel pretty useless because i cant get things done. In the past few days I’ve been using a much smaller dose and I actually had a dream last night that I remembered (I almost never remember my dreams) and I think it will help me through the toxic situation I’m currently living in. So thank you for bringing this up.

    How’s it going on your end?



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    benjamin pritchard

    Liz- thanks for sharing. i was interested to hear of your experience.

    re: THC, probably it is best to just microdose it in the mornings, and then utilize it recreationally as desired.

    re: psilocibin, probably the same thing can be said. personally i have found psilocibin to be very synergistic with THC.

    the dosing protocol i am utilizing is pretty well thought out. it is psilocibin every 3rd morning.

    day 1 [when you dose] is always amazing.

    day 2 [day after dose] is still amazing

    day 3 [psilocibin eliminated from system] sometimes sucks. it is to re-establish baseline so that you know what your baseline is, and to prevent tolerance.

    i have found microdosing psilocibin to be similar to the idea of the “limitless drug”

    it is truly weird. i had a bad winter here and was in a very depressed state for like 3+ months. it derailed all my plans.

    but the magic mushrooms pulled me out of it, and i have been doing the 3 day dosing schedule since as i mentioned.

    basically i just “picked back up where i left off” as though no time had passed. even people who saw me everday [when i was depressed] greeted me all over again once i got on the mushrooms saying “its nice to see you again” etc.

    i am doing pretty good, and have a new girl in my life which is going great. one interesting LP thing that i picked up on is how dependent on others we are for needs fulfillment.

    so i am trying to continue to arrange conditions to support my own awakening, and high CQ states.

    it is a long process but a fun one. and i think the micro-dosing is a big part of what is making this time go even better than before

    Benjamin Pritchard / www.kundalinisoftware.com

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