Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

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    benjamin pritchard

    Hi Everybody.

    I just returned after spending 30 days in Rishikesh India. I was there for a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training run by the Nada School of Yoga.

    The Nada school is a very traditional and authentic school of kundalini yoga, which also involves the study of music.

    In my life, I have never held any formal credential… but now I am very proud to say that I earned a certificate from the Nada school, and am officially a teacher of Kundalini Yoga!!

    Check it out:

    Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Certifcate

    While there, I also had the opportunity to learn how to play the harmonium, and begin leading ecstatic kirtan. Β (One of the goals of the Nada school is to help students learn to “find their authentic voice” as an individuated expression of the energy of creation, and I definitely feel like I am doing that. )

    I felt very honored to present as a student of the Lightning Path to the teachers at the Nada school. The teachers there are definitely yogis [i.e. people with very, very high CQ’s ], and it was one of the true honors of my life when they initially interacted with me, and then accepted me as a spiritual contemporary.

    They say one of the blessings of yoga is the community of yogis you meet when you engage with it, and I have to admit that I believe that as well. The group of people I studied with became more than family to me, and I can count them all as life-long friends. Further, I believe it was the unconditional support and acceptance that we gave each other that really made it possible for each of us to blossom to the extent that we did.

    I posted a few pics of my experience on my instagram account which can be viewed here:

    Shri Ram


    Benjamin Pritchard /

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    Shanti, shanti, shanti, Benjamin!

    That is wonderful, what an awesome experience for you. Β And a very unique perspective, coming from a contemporary background of the Lightning Path and receiving ancient knowledge from a yoga tradition. Β The integration process was pretty tough for me, I am sure you fared much better! It has integrated by now for me though.

    The ashram that I go to is exceptional in their music program. Something to think about if you want to expand your connections through yoga. Make sure you let me know if you end up there! I would love to finally meet someone from the LP😊

    Ananda Ashram in Monroe NY


    My prayer for the cosmos:
    May all beings be happy and free
    ~Gina Marie

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