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    Dr. S.

    If there is one thing that should be clear after you go through the introductory materials, environment is important. If you want to advance in a spiritual sense, you need to establish a healthy environment, or at least a safe cocoon.

    Establishing a healthy and safe environment can be a major challenge, especially on this planet, and especially right now, what with politicians and the media causing divisions even in our families, and whipping up frenzy, but it is still important.

    The first step towards establishing a healthy environment is to identify the things that make it unhealthy. With identification/diagnosis in mind, we (Gina, my wife, and I) have developed the “How Toxic is my World” survey. To assess the level of toxicity in your environment, complete the questionnaire. Your Toxicity Score (TS) is given at the bottom of the page, so you don’t have to submit the survey to get your results.

    Discuss your results, or any concerns, in this thread.


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    Good to see that my toxicity score was zero all the way around. Very clear and simple tool.


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    benjamin pritchard

    I don’t understand. I can’t find the link??

    maybe i am looking right at it

    Benjamin Pritchard /

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