We must found a cosmic religion,
one of unconditional love,
not one which sells itself to those in power.
Albert Einstein

 Welcome to the curriculum page. This page lists the basic curriculum of the Lightning Path. Follow the links to access course textbooks, audio, supplementary materials, and study exams.

Note, LP books are organized roughly in the order you should read them. I recommend you read in the order presented, at least at the start. Once you get the foundations in place, feel free to browse around.



  • LP 120 – Foundations (e.t.a. Jan 2017) (includes RSGDIS as supplementary)
  • LP 200 – Introduction to Archetypes  (e.t.a. March 2017)
  • LP 210 – Chakras and Kundalini (e.t.a. June 2017)
  • LP 140 BOLife?
  • GA somewhere

Advanced –

  • LP 300 – Ascension

LP Cosmology