Daily Mantra: The "normal" you is not representative of the vast potential of Consciousness that lies unrealized and untapped within

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Welcome to the world’s most sophisticated system of spiritual awakening, activation, and ascension. If you are tired of the deception and distraction, if you want to find your way fast, if you want “the truth and nothing but, no compromise and no strings attached,”  look no further than the Lightning Path. The Lightning Path is everything you are looking for, and everything that you’ve been promised.

I took several interesting classes from some Yale professor, on Herman Hesse, Jung, and J.R.R. Tolkien, and how their ideas relate to early Christian Gnosticism…. My dad said it was like GRAD school type stuff… but on all points of theology I was constantly explaining simple (Lightning Path) concepts to the teachers, etc. and it was kind of embarrassing because their thinking was confused and not really too sophisticated at all by LP terms

Benjamin Pritchard

Kundalini Software

I wanted to say too while I have your ear that things are making so much sense now finally. I really had so much programming (misconception and misperception) to clear when I first met you i.e. religious, gender, political, FEAR. Finally, finally I feel like that stuff is clear, so once again, thank you, you truly have been a gift to me

Gina M.

I was just going to log into to tell you that I have entered into a state of pure peace and bliss. I am in direct contact with my guides and remember now why I am here….If it were not for the pure truth that you provided it would have taken me many more years to push past the fear that I encountered facing the Bible. Also, if I had only followed your path and not been dragging around the Biblical scriptures with me, your path would have been so quick…

Crystal Freeman

Kundalini Software


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