About the Lightning Path


The Lightning Path is a sophisticated, advanced, comprehensive, and modern system of spiritual thought and practice. The Lightning is designed to provide all the information you need in order to become an authentic, real, enlightened, and (most importantly) connected spiritual person. You can read what others have to say by visiting our student feedback page. To see for yourself, read the basic LP materials provided on the home page of this site. When you are ready for more, register as an LP student and visit either the Path or the Fast Path page. The Fast Path page provides a list of Lightning Path books organized in ascending level of difficulty. Start from the top and read your way through. The Path page provides a list of available Lightning Path courses. Lightning Path courses provide additional readings, guidance, audio, and context to help you get the most out of your spiritual study.

Levels of Study

Be aware that the Lightning Path is organized into three grades or levels of study, these being foundation, intermediate, and advanced. Each level introduces many key concepts, ideas, and practices, and each level requires a certain level of behavioral and environmental alignment. To understand intermediate level discussions and exist with intermediate levels of connection, you need foundation level concepts and ideas. To understand advanced level concepts and ideas, and in order to cope with higher levels of Consciousness in the body, you need to understand intermediate level concepts and attain intermediate level behavioral and environmental alignments. You can jump around if you like, but if you do you may experience intellectual, emotional, psychological, physical, and environmental challenges for which you are not sufficiently prepared to cope with/understand. If you do have trouble understanding what is being said, and if internal or external challenges seem too difficult, you are moving too fast. Reset your progress and move back to a comfortable level of study.


Initiation Fee

The Lightning Path is a spiritual school. In order to access the materials, forums, audio, and so on, you must be a current, registered student. Registered students pay a variable monthly fee of between $3.99 and $99.99, depending on personal income. People with lower incomes pay the lower access fee, people with higher incomes are expected to pay the higher fee. This is an honor system.  You are expected to pay the fee appropriate to your income. Suggestions are provided at time of registration. If you can’t be honest about this, you’re not ready to walk on the Lightning Path.

Upgrade Fee

As noted above, the LP is organized into three grades. The monthly initiation fee gets you access to foundation level forums, books, audio, and readings. In order to access intermediate materials you must pay a one time only intermediate upgrade fee of between $19.99 and $299.0. In order to access advanced materials you must pay a one time only advanced upgrade fee of between 69.99 and 1,099. Once again, upgrade fees are means tested. Only those with high income are expected to pay the higher fees.

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