This morning, while writing the final draft of the Book of the Triumph of Spirit: Healing and Activating with the Halo/Sharp, by daughter walked up to me and asked, “What’s the difference between your deck and the other one,” to which I, after a moment’s consideration, responded with two different cards, one from the “other deck” and one from my own. Specifically, I put the Halo/Sharp Power alongside the Masonic Devil.

I then pointed to the female figure in the Devil and the center figure in the Power and asked her, “What’s the difference between the two.”

She said, without hesitation, one’s a slave and one is powerful, to which I responded, smiling, “Yes! That’s the difference.”

“The other deck,” I said, “teaches you to be a slave.”

“My deck,” I proclaimed, “Frees you…”

“And teaches you to be powerful.”

To which she replied, in a perfunctory but “made poppa proud” fashion, just before she walked away, “Oh. That’s cool.”

I have to say.



It is.

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