The Rocket Scientists' Guide to Money and the Economy, an intermediate level LP book, is a gentle introduction to The System and the people behind it. The book does not call for global revolution, and is conciliatory and welcoming in tone, but really the pain and suffering that lies behind it is of Olympian proportion, and a fundamental global change is required.

So what does this have to do with Michael Jackson? Well, most people are unaware of this, because they were distracted by media assaults on his integrity and humanity, but the truth is, towards the end of his life, Michael Jackson became increasingly political, using his powerful artistry to call out the PTB and incite peaceful global revolution. In this song, Michael gathers "the people" (the poor, the incarcerated, the disenfranchised) under his wing and takes direct aim at the The System and PTB, actually goosing them at one point. This, and a few other songs (e.g. Earth Song, Scream) and albums (the remarkable Blood on the Dance Floor), show his increasing awareness of The System and the problems it brings. I imagine that an artist of his stature coming out as a powerful Lightworker in total opposition to the Dangerous system, even though it helped birth him as "King of Pop," was a bit of shock to the PTB. There are multiple versions of this song on Youtube and they are all worth watching!

In the context of Rocket Scientists' Guide to Money and the Economy, consider the politics of Michael's video and note his message to the Family. In the context of your study of Triumph of Spirit archetypes, consider Michael the quintessential expression of the Lightworker archetype. Quoting from The Book of the Triumph of Spirit: Healing and Activating with the Halo/Sharp.

The Lightworker is not a seeker of Truth, for he already knows. The Lightworker does not hide the light, for she sees that the people are in need. The Lightworker steps up. Embracing the truth and never more shirking from divine duty, s/he explodes into the World, bringing forth the truth, light, power, and love of Consciousness, s/he transforms the world. The power is palpable. The courage profound.


Daily Mantra: We are the Alpha and the Omega. We are the beginning without end.

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