A dialog introducing the Lightning Path Triumph of Spirit book series. The dialog includes a discussion of nature of books, the significance of archetypes, the difference between Old Energy Archetypes and New Energy Archetypes, a brief overview of where old energy archetypes come from, and what their utility is. Also a discussion of why it is critical the human race erases old energy archetypes and replaces them with new.

  • The Rider-Waite tarot as a book of old energy archetypes
  • What’s the point of new energy archetypes?
  • Reprogram our thinking, removing obstacles. removing limiting ideas, removing blockages.
  • Achieving Right Thought which is thought that helps us, encourages us, supports us, to connect.
  • Halo/Sharp Archetype Deck as a book of new energy archetypes
  • Purpose of this audio series, examine each archetype in depth.


This audio file is associated with the LP course Introduction to the Book of the Triumph of Spirit series

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