Daily Mantra: The "normal" you is not representative of the vast potential of Consciousness that lies unrealized and untapped within

This morning, while writing the final draft of the Book of the Triumph of Spirit: Healing and Activating with the Halo/Sharp, by daughter walked up to me and asked, “What’s the difference between your deck and the other one,” to which I, after a moment’s consideration, responded with two different cards, one from the “other deck” and one from my own. Specifically, I put the Halo/Sharp Power alongside the Masonic Devil.

I then pointed to the female figure in the Devil and the center figure in the Power and asked her, “What’s the difference between the two.”

She said, without hesitation, one’s a slave and one is powerful, to which I responded, smiling, “Yes! That’s the difference.”

“The other deck,” I said, “teaches you to be a slave.”

“My deck,” I proclaimed, “Frees you…”

“And teaches you to be powerful.”

To which she replied, in a perfunctory but “made poppa proud” fashion, just before she walked away, “Oh. That’s cool.”

I have to say.



It is.

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