I’m just writing an article on Jesus Christ, entitled Rock and Roll Jesus. The two part article takes a close look at the New Testament of the bible, with the goal of exposing the real Jesus Christ, as reflected in scripture. It’s a challenging process for a number of reasons. One reason, which I’ll talk about here, is that it is hard to know just what is true in the bible and what is edited/modified, or translated improperly. For example, compare the the following to quotes from Roman’s 1: 15

In the Revised Standard Version (RSV), we have

““He who through faith is righteous shall live,

but in the NIV version we have

The righteous will live by faith.”

The two versions are totally different. The first one says that “the righteous shall live,” while the NIV version says that “the righteous will live by faith.” If you understand the word “righteous” to be a syncretic term for the LP’s alignment, the difference becomes striking. In the RSV version we have “If you live a life in alignment with Consciousness, you will live.” But, in the NIV version we have “If you are in alignment, you will live by faith.” The first advises you to live in alignment, while the second one species what alignment is. In this case, the NIV version suggests that alignment means living by faith

So which is one is correct, or are they both?

I have to say, from an LP perspective, the first one is correct. Things do go a lot better for you when your body/mind acts and reacts in alignment with its your own highest Consciousness. The second one, not so much. Although faith is not an unimportant factor in an individual’s spiritual progress (you often have to have “faith” at the beginning of the process), faith itself has nothing to do with alignment.

For one, when somebody is properly aligned and connected, faith just doesn’t figure into it. When we are connected we don’t have to have “faith” in God/Consciousness, we simply know it is real, end of story.

For two, refer back to one. The goal of human spirituality isn’t to have faith in things, faith in the unseen, or faith in God; the goal is to connect with, know, understand, and ultimately act in alignment with your own highest Self. That is, the goal is not to have faith in some obtuse authority figure, the goal is to connect with God/Consciousness, your Self. Faith doesn’t figure in there much at all. However,  alignment certainly does. As we point out in the introductory materials, you’ll find it hard to get and stay connected if you don’t live in alignment with your highest Self.

As for the bible, be careful. As I point out in the BOLIFE, it is heavily edited and corrupted. There’s still truth in there to be sure, but it is hard to extract it and sort it out. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that everything you read in the bible is totally true. If you do have to fish around in the bible, my advice is, start with the authentic spirituality of the LP, and always use your discernment.



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