Supplementary Video

This page lists external resources (articles, documentaries, etc.) useful for students studying the Lightning Path. These resources add explanatory and supplementary materials and are organized by level of study. This page is updated as new recommended resources become available.

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  • Vegucated – a documentary on meat production and alternatives. This movie contains valuable information on our food production processes, and a gentle push towards a less meat intensive diet. It does not preach but it is worth viewing.
  • Fat, sick, and nearly dead – DVD. A very worthwhile film on the importance of getting your greens.
  • Hungry for Change – DVD


  • Head Games – A documentary on the high levels of head injury experienced in competitive sporting environments (useful for parents, athletes, and others looking to properly care for the physical unit).
  • The Brain that Changes Itself (Nature of Things video on neuroplasticity, includes therapy suggestions for those suffering from OCD, PTSD, and even Schizophrenia. An LP MUST VIEW).
  • Born to be Good. As it turns out, infants display sophisticated moral sensitivity and decision making ability. This documentary call into question tabula rasa version of human nature, and also those version of religious ideology that suggest we have an “evil” side. As research with babies demonstrates, we are in fact born good.


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